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DISC wins Heart of the Community Award

Newton Aycliffe-based charity DISC has won a prestigious award proving it was at the “Heart of the Community”

DISC were recently awarded “Heart of the Community” at Newton Aycliffe Business Park "Make Your Mark" awards.

The annual "Make Your Mark" awards celebrate the collective achievements of companies on Aycliffe Business Park and the “Heart of the Community” award celebrates excellence in corporate, social and ethical activity.

HE Admissions Fair 2017

Thursday 19th October 2017, 10:00am-3:30pm
St James Park, Newcastle upon Tyne

Following our first Admissions Fair for Access to HE Students in November 2016, we are delighted to continue to facilitate this important event which offers HE Institutions the opportunity to promote their courses, advice and support services to Access to HE students.

Last year’s event was the first Higher Education admissions fair for Access to HE Students in the North of England. The event was a success and positive feedback was received on the fantastic opportunity it gave both students and higher education providers to meet up and discuss opportunities available. Feedback from students showed that 75% found out something that they didn’t know or discovered a new university that offered courses they were interested in.

  Learner Achievement at North Tyneside Disability Forum

North Tyneside Disability Forum celebrated learners achieving One Awards Level 2 Certificate in Speech To Text Using Voice Recognition Software.

Speech To Text is a communication system used whereby the spoken word is displayed on a screen via an operator so that anyone attending for instance a particular meeting, conference or lecture can read what is being said, this is especially useful for deaf and hard of hearing people who may either not hear or mishear what is being said.

Joanne Somerville, Emma Hindmarch and Sophie Graham. Also receiving a certificate though not in the photo was Louise Raynor.

Cskills joins NOCN

NOCN is delighted to announce that Cskills Awards will move from the Construction Industry Training Board- CITB - to NOCN on 1 August to create one of the UK’s leading Awarding Organisations (AO) and Apprentice Assessment Organisations (AAO) and the second largest construction AO in the UK.

Cskills Awards is the second largest awarding organisation (AO) in the construction market, with a good reputation, and a wide range of products from Entry Level to Level 7.

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  Access to Higher Education - Preparing for your Desktop Review

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