Publications – Guidance documents, Policies and Application Forms

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Recognition of Prior Learning and Achievement Policy and Procedure

Access to HE Diploma Credit Accumulation and Transfer Policy

One Awards Policy on Draft Assignments

One Awards Policy on making referral recommendations

One Awards Policy on managing amendments to student registrations

AVA Provider Risk Monitoring and Sanctions Policy

Guidance Documents

Access to HE Diploma Transfer Guidance and Application Form

The QAA Access to HE Diploma Student Handbook - Assessment

One Awards guidance on plagiarism and image copyright issues in assessment

AVA requirements for checking and distributing Access RACs and Certificates - November 2018

Guidance for upload of DTR documents - 2019

Desktop Review Checklist

Referral Application - example 1

Referral Application - example 2

Guidance for providers on presenting Electronic Evidence for External Moderation

One Awards guidance on using your website to undertake market research for a new Access to HE Diploma

Guidance on arrangements for the Sampling Moderation Visit 2019

Access to HE Online Induction Programme for new staff

One Awards guide to marketing the Access to HE Diploma

Final Moderation Summary Sheet 2019

Final Awards Board Guidance 2019

Arrangements for the Lead Moderator Final Visit 2019

Application Forms

Application for an Aegrotat Award

Application for a Credit Transfer

Access Diploma Cessation Form

Application for an extension

Application for Recognition of Prior Learning

Application for a representation

Application for a referral

Amendment to student registration form

Application to register and Access to HE Student after 42 days from the start of the course

Application for an extension to the submission of assessment documents for the Desktop Review

“One Awards' innovative results service has been a fantastic development for universities and allows us to check students' achievement immediately ourselves. This is an excellent service which means that we are able to confirm student places quickly and effectively without having to follow up with providers and students or wait for results to be sent on to us. This is because their certification turnaround time of less than two days allows One Awards to process student results almost as soon as the colleges/providers have provided the final verified results. This really does help us put students at the heart of our confirmation process”.

Jane Oswald, Assistant Director, Marketing & Student Recruitment
University of Sunderland