Access to HE Learner Registration and Certification

The quickest and most efficient way to register your learners is by using QuartzWeb, our online portal. 

Other methods are available if this is not suitable for you.  See the guidance notes for more information on registering through

QuartzWeb - Access To HE Diploma Administrator Registration and Certification Guidance

Who do I contact for Registration queries?          

Contact our Centre Support Team  

Is there a minimum age for learner registration?

There are no age registrictions on the AHE Diploma.

What happens after I register my learners?

A Recommendation for the Award of Credit (RAC) form will be prepared, which you will be able to download from Quartzweb. You should check that all learners are on the RAC and the correct units are attached to them.   

The incorrect units are attached to the learners on the RAC. What do I do?

In QuartzWeb you can select or deselect units yourself and then produce a new eRAC up to 60 working days from the start of the course. After 60 working days unit registration cannot be changed except in exceptional circumstances. Please contact the Centre Support Team if you would like guidance regarding this process.

There is a spelling error on my RAC. What do I do? 

When you produce your eRAC it is your responsibility to carefully check all learner names for accuracy. If you identify a spelling error, please email the Class ID and learner name change details to the Centre Support Team along with evidence of the correct name, such as driving license, passport, etc.

If the error is found during the Final Awards Board, please ensure a note is made in the QuartzWeb eResults submission screen detailing the requirements when the eRAC is submitted. In certain cases amendments will not be actioned automatically as supporting documentation may be required.

How long do I have to register my learners once teaching has started?        

Learners must be registered on the Diploma within 42 days of the start date of the course. Units must be selected on QuartzWeb within 84 days of the start date of the course.

How much does it cost to register my learners?

See our Fees page for more information.

Please contact our Centre Support Team for more information.

“One Awards' innovative results service has been a fantastic development for universities and allows us to check students' achievement immediately ourselves. This is an excellent service which means that we are able to confirm student places quickly and effectively without having to follow up with providers and students or wait for results to be sent on to us. This is because their certification turnaround time of less than two days allows One Awards to process student results almost as soon as the colleges/providers have provided the final verified results. This really does help us put students at the heart of our confirmation process”.

Jane Oswald, Head of Marketing Strategy
University of Sunderland