QAA Arrangements for the Assessment and Award of the Access to HE Diploma 2022-23

QAA have now published the Arrangements for the Award and Assessment of the Access to HE Diploma 2022-23, along with Student and Provider FAQs.

     Information for providers              Information for students: 


In Summary

No Extraordinary Regulatory Framework (ERF) Arrangements will apply for students registered from 1st August onwards, however, for any students continuing from last year the ERF will apply to any assessments affected by COVID in 2021-22. The Award Through Extenuation regulation has been incorporated into the usual regulatory arrangements and can now be applied wherever student extenuating circumstances are eligible, not limited to circumstances affected by COVID.

QAA will be holding webinars on the arrangements for the award and assessment of the Diploma in 2022-23 for students from 6 September 2022 and for providers from 31 August 2022. Please visit the QAA events page for more information:

The arrangements will be incorporated into the One Awards Guidance for providers and our moderation processes and documentation for 2022-23, which will be published late August. I can confirm now however that there will be no changes to the Desktop Review process or documentation.

Award and Assessment of the Access-to-HE Diploma 22-23 Information poster for Providers

Award and Assessment of the Access-to-HE Diploma 22-23 Information poster for Students

At Gateshead College, we have been delivering Access to HE Diploma’s with One Awards for over 10 years, which has been exceptionally rewarding to see such a high percentage of learners progressing to university. Access Diplomas prepare adult learners for university far better than any other adult Level 3 course as they are tailor made to equip learners for university level study. The high quality of the Diploma is evident in the curriculum design, robust quality processes, validation process and the breadth of standardisation training, and support for provider and staff.

Deborah Wood, Curriculum Operations Manager
Gateshead College