Arrangements for the Assessment and Award of the Access to HE Diploma 2021-22 – Updates

13th September 2021 – Update

QAA have published guidance for AVAs, providers and students on the arrangements for the assessment and award of the Access to HE Diploma 2021-22, along with explanatory videos. Please follow this link to the QAA website:

QAA are also offering webinars for providers and students to attend in which they outline the arrangements, roles of providers, AVAs and QAA and explain further sources of support and guidance. Follow the links below to book a place:

As you will read in the guidance, in principle the arrangements are the same as 2020-21, including the requirement for providers to apply for any necessary adaptations to assessments and/or units during the year. Please use the application forms available on our website or contact for advice and support. As in 2021-22, all quality monitoring requirements will be embedded into our usual moderation cycle led by your Lead Moderator. Alongside the moderation process we are offering a series of Hot Topics sessions to support providers with delivery, assessment, internal quality and student support. The first round of sessions has been published and our annual programme of standardisation events will be advertised by the end of September. Please following the link below for details:

We will also be adding further Hot Topics Sessions throughout the year as themes emerge and/or in response to provider requests, so please do let us know if there is anything you would like us to provide or if you would welcome the opportunity to talk to other providers about a particular topic. We will continue to keep you updated over the coming weeks but if you have any questions in the meantime please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

“One Awards' innovative results service has been a fantastic development for universities and allows us to check students' achievement immediately ourselves. This is an excellent service which means that we are able to confirm student places quickly and effectively without having to follow up with providers and students or wait for results to be sent on to us. This is because their certification turnaround time of less than two days allows One Awards to process student results almost as soon as the colleges/providers have provided the final verified results. This really does help us put students at the heart of our confirmation process”.

Jane Oswald, Assistant Director, Marketing & Student Recruitment
University of Sunderland