Access to HE Diploma Course Vacancies

15th September 2017 Date of publication

Diploma Vacancies

The following colleges have vacancies on some of their Access to HE Diplomas listed below. Please contact the college of your choice directly using the information provided*.

Access to Higher Education diploma- Counselling: Tara Evans.01642 865562.

Access to HE diploma (Educational Studies): Richard James. 01642 865532

Access to HE diploma (science): James Wells 01642 865481

Access to HE diploma (Humanities & Social Science): Richard James and Tina Weir 01642 865495 or 01642 865495

Access to HE diploma (Health): Susan Gooding and Marie Andrews 01642 865563

Access to HE diploma (Social Care Studies) :Liz Shipley 01642 865481

*Please be aware that One Awards is entirely reliant on information from the colleges themselves and is therefore not responsible for any errors and omissions that this page may contain related to current vacancies and contact details.Whilst we make every effort to ensure that this page is as accurate and up to date as possible, places on Access courses are taken up quickly so although listed, the course at the college you want may be full.

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