Access to HE Uncovered - Episode 3: There and back again

12th February 2021 Date of publication

In this programme John Earland, the One Awards Access to HE Manager, is in conversation with Kate Gibbon, an Access to HE Tutor at Middlesbrough College. The programme explores Kate’s distance learning programme and what motivates her about working on this course. 

It also explores Kate’s background and her own educational and working journey from teaching, moving into the health profession as an Occupational Therapist and someone working in Mental Health Services to returning to teaching. Kate also reveals a few surprising and intriguing personal stories which are definitely not to be missed! 

Tutors play a pivotal role in the whole qualification and this programme reminds us all that tutors have lives outside the qualification realm too! For those new to teaching on an Access to HE course, Kate’s experience and advice provides inspiration and humour at a time when we definitely need it.

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