Access to HE (Uncovered!) Episode 7 'The Students Revisited'

17th June 2021 Date of publication

In this podcast, we revisit four students whom we spoke to earlier in the year. We catch up with them to find out how they got on, what their experience has been like and what their advice and guidance would be for anyone thinking of embarking upon their own Access to HE journey. 

There are some invaluable insights into how they have changed and the impact this has had on their personal, let alone professional, lives. "Would they do it all again?", the resounding answer is yes with a few caveats for the unweary! 

Listen and you'll discover that Access to HE is indeed for everyone but go into the journey with your eyes open armed with buckets full of enthusiasm and commitment. The course is challenging but ultimately more than worth the effort. "It's like running a marathon...the euphoria at the end, the sense of achievement is incredible", says one student.

Listen, learn and enjoy!

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