An Access to HE Diploma will prepare you for a new career!

18th May 2021 Date of publication

If you would like to study at University or Higher Education, but you’ve been out of education for a while or don’t have the qualifications you need, then an Access to HE Diploma will prepare you for studying in your new career pathway!

An Access to HE Diploma enables adult learners into education – developing your skills, knowledge and confidence in preparation to start your degree or degree apprenticeships course and achieve your career ambitions.

The Diploma can be completed in one year on a part-time basis, giving you the flexibility to schedule your studies around your work and/or family commitments.

Case Study

Richard Bairstow

Access to HE Diploma:
Computing at Middlesbrough College, 2014-15

Higher Education Study:
FdSc in Web and Design followed by BA in Web and Multimedia at Teesside University

Current Role:
Frontend Web Developer, Visualsoft

Shortly after graduating from University Richard was hired by Visualsoft, where he works, as a Frontend web developer in their Research and Development team, maintaining and developing existing platforms, features, and services, and is responsible for the development of next-generation platforms using cutting-edge technologies. Richard said “This was ultimately my dream job and the best possible start to my career in web development, as Visualsoft is one of the largest ecommerce platforms in the UK.”

How has your experience of studying an Access to HE Diploma changed you?

“On a personal level my access course massively improved my confidence and my attitude toward learning. It also helped me develop an understanding of academia, which greatly helped me during my University studies.”

To find out more about the Access to HE Diploma visit the information for students section

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