Excellence in the Provision of Access to HE Diplomas

12th June 2015 Date of publication

Excellence in the Provision of Access to HE Diplomas
er - Hartlepool College of Further Education
Nominated by: Sue Scheilling, Lead Moderator, One Awards

 The Hartlepool College Access team has demonstrated an amazing, rapid improvement in all aspects of the management and delivery of Access this academic year.

his team was charged with the responsibility for Access at short notice, as the course commenced. Most of the members were either new to Access or had not been involved for some years. They inherited a significant number of recommendations and conditions placed on the programme from the previous year’s moderation team. They also had to face the challenge of the implementation of a new quality model from the AVA.

(Pictured above Mike Rowe Jackie Paylor and Karin Herbener from Hartlepool College of Further Education, receiving their award from David Hall and Louise Morrit from One Awards)

The team has been very well managed and supported by senior members of College staff. The members have worked incredibly hard to operationalise compliance with AVA and QAA regulations. They have succeeded in providing robust systems related to assessment, internal moderation and standardisation. This success has provided very good experiences for students and really sound preparation for higher education.

Moderators were impressed as they also provided evidence of innovative, well designed assessments for students, a newly developed feedback sheet and good contextualisation of grade descriptors. This latter item is particularly notable, as for many staff this was their first introduction to the Access grading model.

The team has been incredibly responsive to the AVA and to moderators. The preparation for the spring sampling visit was extremely well organised with everything required by moderators clearly identified and easily accessible. This included availability of all personnel involved with Access to answer any specific questions raised by moderators. Overall this has been an outstanding turn round in a short space of time. There are still some further developments needed at Hartlepool but the future is looking very promising indeed.


Excellence in the Provision of Access to HE Diplomas
Highly Commended - Derwentside College
Nominated by: Sue Scheilling, Lead Moderator, One Awards

Derwentside College has shown, year after year, commitment to the improvement of their Access courses, resulting in extremely well run, high quality Access provision.

The College offers three Access Diplomas (Health, Education and Humanities and Social Science). The Access team has demonstrated continued improvement in all aspects of Access provision. The quality of the systems necessary to support Access are outstanding. A great deal of work has been undertaken to implement the changes required to achieve this standard. The effectiveness of this very good practice is evident in the quality of teaching and learning experiences for students. Much of the feedback given to students is exemplary in helping them to improve and preparing them for the rigours of undergraduate education.

(Pictured above Pauline Hughes, Cath Johnson and Michael Johnson from Derwentside College, receiving their award from David Hall and Louise Morrit from One Awards)

This year the AVA has implemented a new quality model for moderation. At Derwentside this has been approached in a very positive manner. Compliance has been high and standards have been not only maintained but also improved.

The team is enthusiastic and responsive; eager to continue ongoing improvements in practice and completely engaged with Access. Additionally, well-led and appropriate management decisions are made in order to address the needs of the Access programme. Pauline works part time and this year Cath has been given joint responsibility for course leadership to ensure the time is available to complete all necessary work. Other members of the team take a lead on various projects e.g. Michael has developed the tracking system and grade analysis graphs both of which are excellent. This effective and collaborative working is evident on all levels and plays a large part in the excellent practice outlined.

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