New Access to HE Diploma in Policing for 2021

7th January 2021 Date of publication

One Awards is delighted and proud to announce the approval of a brand new Access to HE Diploma in Policing. This diploma has been developed in order to meet current demand for progression onto HE courses related to policing such as the degree apprenticeships and the honours degree programmes. The structure of the diploma is such that it covers the necessary skills and knowledge to meet progression to HE requirements and the needs of adult students.

The diploma has been developed in collaboration with our HE colleagues and subject experts including current and practicing police officers to ensure currency and fitness for purpose in providing the very best preparation course for higher study. Students will cover a whole range of subjects including professional behaviours and expectations, introduction to law enforcement, crime and crime prevention, community policing, digital policing and use of data and police investigation aspects and a whole lot more besides.

The Home Office plans to recruit over 20,000 new police officers over the next 3 years. This underpins the need to cater for adult students who are looking at a future career in policing. Within the education sector itself there is very little adult provision at this level to take learners to the next step. This diploma caters for this gap and provides a course fit for purpose in preparing adults for progression to HE. As stated, students taking this course can expect to progress onto degree apprenticeships in policing in addition to the more traditional undergraduate routes, subject to any additional requirements beyond Access. Students will also be considered for the accelerated fast-track professional policing degree currently offered at the University of Sunderland, one of the very few places that offers this.

Get ahead for the next academic year with this innovative diploma, for more information or to apply to deliver this Diploma please email:

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