Access to HE: Healthcare Sector Diplomas

The Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) have just released the official statistics for the Access to HE Diplomas for 2020-21 which can be found on the link below:
The stats show that 56.3% of registrations were on health courses. It continues, for a further year, to be the most chosen subject area by adult learners. Nursing and Social Sciences and Psychology are among the top 5 Higher Education subject areas studied by those progressing from the Access to HE Diploma.
2020-21 Access to HE Statistics published by QAA, May 2022
One Awards has a range of Access to HE diplomas available in the Health sector including:
  • Biomedical Science
  • Counselling
  • Health
  • Health Science
  • Psychology and Healthcare
  • Science
Alternatively, we allow you to select from our range of units and create your own bespoke diploma title. This may draw greater interest from your learners and fit with your HE progression routes. We have created new workbooks for our popular units that can support your learners.

We are aware curriculum planning has taken place but if you would like to benefit from the outstanding support One Awards can provide then you can transfer your current provision as it is, where possible, to us for one year. This would have no impact on your tutors and learners. You would then select from the One Awards units and Diploma titles for 2023/24.

If you would like to find more about our Access to HE Diplomas in the Health sector. To arrange a meeting please contact

“One Awards' innovative results service has been a fantastic development for universities and allows us to check students' achievement immediately ourselves. This is an excellent service which means that we are able to confirm student places quickly and effectively without having to follow up with providers and students or wait for results to be sent on to us. This is because their certification turnaround time of less than two days allows One Awards to process student results almost as soon as the colleges/providers have provided the final verified results. This really does help us put students at the heart of our confirmation process”.

Jane Oswald, Head of Marketing Strategy
University of Sunderland