Unit of the Month - November 2021

Understanding the Safe and Secure Use of IT

With the ever increasing use of mobile technology and social media, this 2 credit unit which is available at Level 1 will develop the learner's understanding of the use of mobile technologies and social networking websites within the workplace. The unit explores the differences between appropriate and inappropriate uses of mobile technologies and social networking. Additionally, it considers the legal and/or contractual implications of the inappropriate use of technologies.

This unit is ideal to be delivered across a number of settings to varied learners at college or school, with Apprentices and also Foundation Learners. Whether as additionality to Study Programme, enhancement to tutorial, an element of the required 20% off the job or as a stand-alone Safeguarding intervention, this learning has provided valuable skills to learners in support of their understanding of the appropriate use of technologies in their place of learning or work.

To view the full details of the unit please click the image above.

The support of One Awards has been invaluable to us in developing our units. The bespoke units fill an important niche in practical training in this country.

Andrew Purkiss, Director
Phlebotomy Training Services