Centre Recognition

In order to offer One Awards Accredited units, your organisation must first be approved as a One Awards Recognised Centre.  The Centre Recognition process can be undertaken in five straightforward steps:

Step 1 – You express interest in Bespoke Accreditation

We will ask you a set of standard questions relating to your organisation and your accreditation requirements; we will provide you with information about One Awards.

Step 2 – Our Business Development Team will get in touch with you

You will be supported by our Business DeThe information you have given us will be passed to one of our Business Development Team who will then contact you to arrange a meeting to discuss your specific requirements.  There is no commitment on either side at this stage.  During this meeting we will be able to answer any questions and provide you with details of:

  • the Centre Recognition process;
  • the unit development and approval process;
  • the range of One Awards guidance, information and accredited training opportunities available to you and your staff.

Step 3 – Complete the Application Form

If, after your discussions with our Business Development Team, you decide that you would like your organisation to become a Recognised Centre, you will need to submit a Centre Recognition Application Form, detailing the provision you wish to use.

Step 4 – Consideration of your Centre Recognition Application

We will review your completed Centre Recognition Application Form against the Centre Recognition terms and conditions.  One of our External Verifiers will then meet with you to check the details on your Application Form to ensure that they meet our requirements.

Step 5 - Confirmation of approval of Centre Recognition

Following the meeting with the External Verifier, if all requirements have been met, you will receive final approval of your organisation’s Recognised Centre status, subject to receipt of payment.  At this point you will also have full access to the relevant advice, information and guidance we offer to Recognised Centres.

I felt that I was supported brilliantly and challenged when needed with great development ideas. Every single member of staff I have had contact with has been rather lovely.

Alison Fish
Northern Rights CIC