Contacts FAQs

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  1. What are the key Centre Recognition contacts roles?
    • The key roles are:

      • Head of Organisation
      • Centre Contact
      • Curriculum Contact
      • Quality Contact
      • Administration Contact
      • Finance Contact
      • Certification Contact

      One person can fulfil one or more roles.

  2. What are the responsibilities of each of the contact roles?
    • Head of Centre

      • ensuring Centre compliance with the Agreement
      • receiving, and responding to where appropriate, strategic and regulatory documents and notices related to One Awards


      Centre Contact

      • notifying One Awards of incidents of suspected or actual malpractice
      • receipt of notification of incidents of suspected or actual malpractice from One Awards and for ensuring prompt response
      • keeping One Awards up to date with staff or other, relevant, changes
      • receipt of the AGM notice and related information for the nomination of individuals for the Board of Trustees


      Quality Contact

      • ensuring all quality assurance activities are undertaken effectively and that they comply with our quality requirements
      • liaison with One Awards External Verifiers and AHE Moderators
      • receipt of External Verifier and AHE Moderator reports and action plans, ensuring any actions are addressed by due deadlines


      Curriculum Contact

      • receipt of information on One Awards products and service developments, and liaison with our Business Development team to ensure the Centre gains the best value from our products and services


      Administration Contact

      • registration of learners, submission of claims for certification, and receipt, checking of, and distribution of certificates to learners


      Finance Contact

      • receipt and checking of invoices and ensuring payment within our published terms


      Certification Contact

      • receipt, checking of, and distribution of certificates to learners
  3. What do I do if one of my contacts has changed?
    • It is a condition of Centre Recognition that you keep your contact information up to date.  Please notify us immediately of any changes using the form here