Learner Registration FAQs

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  1. Does One Awards have a Data Protection Policy or Statement in relation to student data submitted to QuartzWeb?
    • One Awards is a company registered in England and Wales and a registered charity (company number 4042215; charity number 1087530). The registered office is 23 Manor Way, Belasis Business Park, Billingham, Teesside, TS23 4HN. One Awards is a Data Controller as required under the relevant UK Data Protection Legislation and is committed to protecting privacy and process the data in line with the requirements of the legislation

      The privacy notices below (together with the data protection policy) sets out What, How and Why One Awards collect, stores and processes personal data in accordance with the relevant Data Protection legislation and Who the data will be shared with.

      Website Privacy Notice

      QuartzWeb and SharePoint Privacy Notice

      If you would like to enact your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) please complete the Data Request Form.

  2. Who do I contact for Registration queries?
  3. How do I register my learners?
    • The quickest and most efficient way to register your learners is by using Quartzweb, our online portal.  Other methods are available if this is not suitable for you.  Please contact our Centre Support Team by email on or by telephone on 0191 5186550 for more information.

  4. Is there a minimum age for learner registration?
    • Age restrictions for NOCN qualifications are set for per qualification, and the information can be found in the Qualification Specification or in the qualification search

      Age restrictions for One Awards units are set per unit.  This would be discussed with your Development Manager at the time of requesting the unit, or when developing a new unit.

      There are no age registrictions on the AHE Diploma.

  5. What Intended Credit Value (ICV) should I indicate?
    • The information you put in the Intended Credit Value (ICV) box determines what you will be charged, based on the intended credit banding.  If you are unsure of the number of credits your learners will achieve, you should put the lowest number of credits you think they’ll achieve.  If they eventually achieve a higher number of credits, you’ll be invoiced for the additional amount separately.  See our Fees pages for more information.

  6. What happens after I register my learners?
    • A Recommendation for the Award of Credit (RAC) form will be prepared, which you will be able to download from Quartzweb.  You should check that all learners are on the RAC and the correct units are attached to them.

  7. I have attached the wrong unit to the cohort of learners I have registered. What do I need to do?
    • Contact our Centre Support Team by email on or by telephone on 0191 5186550 for help, or you can add or remove units yourself on Quartzweb.

  8. The incorrect units are attached to the learners on the RAC. What do I do?
    • Contact our Centre Support Team by email on or by telephone on 0191 5186550, ensuring you have the Run ID for the group of learners and the correct unit title and code for replacement.  We will then issue a new RAC.

      If you use Quartzweb, you can add or remove units yourself and then produce a new RAC

  9. There is a spelling error on my RAC. What do I do?
    • Please make clear alterations to the spelling error on the printed RAC.

      If you use Quartzweb, please enter the correct spelling in the Notes field before submitting the RAC for processing.

      However, full name changes are not permitted – the learner must be certificated in the name in which they were originally registered.

      Spelling error corrections are the only alterations you can make to the RAC.

  10. My course or unit is not available to register on. What do I do?
  11. How much does it cost to register my learners?
    • See our Fees pages for more information.

  12. How long do I have to register my learners once teaching has started?
    • Learners should be registered within 60 working days of the start date of the course.

  13. What happens if my registrations are late?
    • We no longer charge late fees, but late registrations are still monitored from a quality assurance perspective.  If the registration is late, you must complete the Notes on the submission field in Quartzweb, outlining why it is late and what you have put in place to avoid it happening again.

  14. Is there a time limit on the duration of my learner registration?
    • There is no official time limit on the length of a learner registration. However, this depends on individual circumstances. If you think a learner is going to take a long period of time to complete their course beyond the end date you specified when registering them, you should discuss the matter with your External Verifier. As a guide, you can claim certification up to two years after the end date of the course. After this, you will need to re-register the learner to claim achievement.