COVID-19 One Awards Quality Update for centres delivering NOCN Qualifications

24th March 2020 Date of publication

Update for centres delivering NOCN Qualifications - 24th March 2020

Further to our update on the 20th March, NOCN have issued further guidance to support centres at this challenging time. Please find below links to the following documents which are also available on documents section of our website:

  1. FAQs for centres delivering NOCN Qualifications – this will be updated as new information is available. We will notify you when each update is made – Frequently Asked Questions: COVID-19 Disruption to NOCN Qualification Delivery
  2. Special arrangements request form – if, in making plans to support your learners to continue with their programmes of learning, you are considering any assessment arrangements which would not usually be permitted by NOCN/One Awards, please complete this form and send it to NOCN Special Arrangements Request
  3. Confidentiality Statement – if you are transporting any learner work/exam scripts to another location e.g. the home of assessors, please use this form to gain confirmation that confidentiality will be maintained. NOCN Confidentiality of Assessment Material Guidance and Statement

If you have any questions about this guidance please don’t hesitate to get in touch and I hope you, your staff and learners are staying safe and well.

COVID-19 Contingency Planning for Quality Assurance - One Awards update 20th March 2020

Further to the Government’s announcements yesterday the One Awards office will close from 4.30pm on Friday 20th March. Staff will be working from home with access to all electronic systems and we will endeavour to minimise the impact on centres and learners as far as possible. For quality assurance queries please use email for contact with us wherever possible For emergencies and urgent calls please use the office number (0191 5186550) and your call will be diverted to a mobile phone.

For general communication One Awards will send directed emails and provide information and advice on our website:

Please click here for information relating to Access to HE Provision

In addition to the office close, One Awards face-to-face EQA visits will be cancelled from Monday for an indefinite period and so there are now three options (please see guidance attached):

  • Complete a remote sample of learner work in order to confirm achievement
  • Complete a remote visit to offer support and/or sample learner work
  • Postpone the visit

EQA remote sample

  • This may be an appropriate alternative for low – marginal risk centres and qualifications.
  • EQAs have been asked to liaise with centres to ensure a sample of learner work and relevant records (e.g. assessment, IQA records, tracking documents) are requested.
  • EQAs will agree secure transfer of learner work for sampling e.g. password protected scans via email, recorded delivery of copies, access to e-portfolio platforms or sending via WeTransfer which can be downloaded for free and does not require an account -
  • This would not be appropriate if a centre or qualification is moderate - high risk.
  • EQAs will complete the NOCN External Quality Assurance Remote Sample Report for NOCN qualifications. Sections of the relevant One Awards Reports will be completed for One Awards units and Quality Mark.

EQA Remote visit

  • This would be appropriate where a centre or qualification is moderate - high risk or is in need of support.
  • The attached guidance outlines the process for this new activity which would cover the usual aspects of an EQA face-to-face visit but remotely.
  • This will require detailed planning to ensure centres know how to submit evidence. The NOCN External Quality Assurance remote Visit Planner will be sent in advance of the meeting.
  • EQAs will need to set up a meeting link for the Centre. Skype, Teams or Zoom are recommended, see guidance attached.
  • As a remote visit covers all usual aspects of a visit EQAs will complete the NOCN External Quality Assurance Report, One Awards EQA Report or Quality Mark Report relevant to the provision being quality assured.

Postpone the visit

If there is no learner work to sample it may be appropriate to postpone the visit. EQAs will contact your centre for a discussion about your circumstances and plans and make a decision on a risk assessment basis. In all cases, EQAs will notify One Awards of arrangements made with centres.

EQA COVID 19 Contingency - Remote EQA Visits and Remote Sampling

Registration and Certification

NOCN Qualifications – please continue to register your learners and certification will continue for as long as possible. We will notify you of any changes to this service.

One Awards units - please continue to register learners but unfortunately we will not be able to print and distribute certificates until the office re-opens. You may wish to provide in-house confirmation of completion for your learners but please do not use the One Awards logo.

Quality Mark centres – please continue to register participants but unfortunately we will not be able to print and distribute certificates until the office re-opens.

We will work with you as flexibly as we are able to support your plans to ensure learner assessment and verification continue, whilst maintaining One Awards and NOCN standards. If you have any questions at this time, please don’t hesitate to contact your EQA or a member of the Quality Team on

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