Introducing our new Customer Charter and service standards

31st August 2016 Date of publication

Here at One Awards, we’re proud of our reputation for delivering outstanding customer service. But we don’t want to get complacent, so we’re always striving to improve our service to you. As part of this, we’ve introduced a new Customer Service Charter, which tells you exactly what we’ll do, and when we’ll do it by – you can read it on our website here.

As our processes and IT systems have improved over a period of time, we’ve been able to significantly improve our service standards for learner registration and certification. Learners will now be registered within two working days, and certificates produced within five working days. We’re really pleased to be able to do this, and hope you are too!

We’d like to respectfully remind you of your obligations too, one of which is to ensure that certificates are sent to learners as soon as possible after you receive them from us, regardless of any disputes you may have with the learners (such as non-payment of fees). Certificates must not be withheld without our express permission, which will only be given in very exceptional circumstances. Further details of how you can help us to help you can be seen in the Customer Service Charter

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