Outstanding Provision of One Awards Learning

12th June 2015 Date of publication

Outstanding Provision of One Awards Learning
Winner - The Cornforth Partnership
Nominated by: Helen Winskill

The Cornforth Community Partnership was established in 1996 by local people, whose aim was simply, to support the regeneration of Cornforth.

The Partnership began working with One Awards in 2009, mainly because they wanted their community members to have access to some genuinely valuable learning.

Keen to get families involved in their community, the Partnership built a hen house. This was enormously successful and resulted in some unique units: one about looking after hens, and another about cooking healthily with eggs. The challenge for One Awards was: which unit should come first, the chicken or the egg! Families are learning together through looking after hens, collecting eggs and creating imaginative, healthy meals.

The Partnership developed a distinctive wall of vertical growers to ensure that their wheelchair-bound learners are able to fully participate in practical horticultural sessions. Also, by providing specialised long-handled tools the programme is accessible to as many learners as possible. The organisation has many examples of individual learners who have ‘criss-crossed’ through a wide variety of units, demonstrating not only fantastic learning progression but also the acquisition of new skills and massive increases in personal confidence.

(pictured right Helen Winskill and Karen Lynn from The Cornforth Partnership receiving the award from David Hall and Louise Morritt at One Awards)

The Cornforth Partnership’s mission is ‘to provide the right support, in the right place, at the right time to enable the development of healthy, vibrant and aspirational communities’. Without doubt the opportunity to offer varied, innovative and engaging programmes of learning has massively contributed to achieving this mission. Working closely with One Awards has enabled the Partnership to offer the people of Cornforth and surrounding villages real opportunities for valued learning, skills development, confidence building and not least fun.

Thelma the hen wholeheartedly approves!


Outstanding Provision of One Awards Learning
Highly Commended - Tyneside Foyer for The Home Achievement Programme
Nominated by: Penny Contreras

The Home Achievement Programme (HAP), created at Tyneside Foyer in 2008 has grown from strength to strength. Now a national course run by Home Group this Level 1, 9-credit, module based programme meets the needs of disengaged and disadvantaged learners in an informal, non-threatening, accessible manner. Clients select the units that are appropriate to their precise needs and it is this personalised approach that allows learners to progress and move forward.

The course addresses key barriers to personal and learning progression such as housing, debt, budgeting, substance misuse, anti-social behaviour, disability, mental health difficulties, lone parenting, and community relations.

Progression from the HAP is often into further learning, apprenticeships, voluntary placements or employment; very often it is the springboard for disengaged clients to access formal learning, housing or job-seeking courses.

The HAP has made a marked impression on learners. Their feedback reflects on their renewed confidence and willingness to commit to learning and employment opportunities, as well as their belief that a barrier that had been preventing them from moving on in a positive way has been addressed. Research shows that the HAP is used by projects because it is:

  • Accredited;
  • Person-centred;
  • Informal;
  • Structured;
  • Easily delivered by staff following training;
  • Adaptable to learner’s needs and abilities.

(pictured right Wendy Chambers from Tynside Foyer receiving the award from David Hall and Louise Morritt at One Awards)

The HAP is now being used as part of a pilot within HMP service as a means of engaging clients prior to release and then continuing their education upon release to ensure continuity of learning and realistic achievements for the clients. This is an exciting new branch of the HAP and one which the Foyer is immensely proud of.

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