September Unit of the Month - Conserving Wildlife, Green Spaces and the Local Environment

10th September 2021 Date of publication

Middlesbrough Environment City are a charity dedicated to the promotion of healthy and sustainable living using the ten principles of One Planet Living. The aim of the charity is to improve the quality of life for our community, through sustainability and the promotion of healthy living, whilst reducing the impact on Earth’s resources.

The centre developed the unit with One Awards to enhance their work with local communities along with other units covering Introduction to Environmental Studies and Practical Conservation Skills. 

This Level 1 unit will help to develop learners’ understanding in relation to conserving wildlife, green spaces and the local environment. Learners’ will understand ways in which local green spaces can be managed to attract and support wildlife.

David Scriven from Middlesbrough Environment City said "Middlesbrough Environment City use One Awards Bespoke Accreditation due to the varied range of projects we deliver which have an accredited training element in their outputs. It allows us to tailor a unit to suit specific areas of work we need to assess, particularly in diverse subject areas which are not currently well covered by existing training units.

We have been working with One Awards developing units for well over ten years now and have found the process straightforward, cost effective and very well supported by their team.

We have developed units to cover a broad range of skills such as Community Garden Management, Bee Keeping, Energy Efficiency in the Home as well as the various environmental and conservation related areas which form the core of our business."

To view the full details of the unit please click the link below:

Conserving Wildlife, Green Spaces and the Local Environment

To find out more about Middlesbrough Environment City please visit their website:

One Awards Bespoke Accreditation has a bank of over 500 units which enables you to package units together to create comprehensive and coherent programmes of learning specific to the needs of you and your learners.

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