Tis the Season … for Arabic Dance!

9th January 2017 Date of publication

This vibrant and sensual style of dance also known as Bellydance, Egyptian dance, Middle Eastern dance, or Raqs Sharqi (Raks Sharki) is popular all over the world as an inspirational art form that enriches the lives of thousands of people.

Christmas was a truly international affair for participants of ‘Understanding Music Used in Belly Dance’, a course underpinned by One Awards accreditation and delivered by the Josephine Wise Academy of Arabic Dance (JWAAD). The purpose of the course and unit is to develop learners’ understanding of music used within belly dance. Additionally the course and unit explores the impact of key singers and composers of Egyptian music.

2016 was a particularly hectic year for Kate Hongyi Jian from China (far right) who is studying in the UK for one year. Not only is she studying IT at London University but she is also working towards her Belly Dance Teaching Diploma delivered by JWAAD at Parker House in Sunderland. Kate had at times struggled with the written work but says that all the tutors have been really supportive, taking the time to explain everything.

Also on the course from Right to L Dee Ryan (Sunderland), Rachel Walker (Wales), Jaleh Fallah (Sheffield), Bethan Mitchell & Amanda Fraser (Glasgow), Jenny Rimmer (Preston) and Percussion Tutor, Adam Warne.

‘We’re proud of our heritage and growing international reputation. We do mainly attract participants from the UK but have growing numbers of international learners, interestingly many join us from France & Belgium’ said Kay Taylor, Course Director at Sunderland.

The Josephine Wise Academy of Arabic Dance has existed since 1990. It is dedicated to improving the standard and raising the profile of Egyptian and Arabic dance in the West.

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