Unit of the Month - November 2014

14th November 2014 Date of publication

Supporting Adult Learning - Unit Code GB2/2/NE/001

Do you work with adults in non-traditional educational environments?Would you like to offer your staff or volunteers some accreditation in this area? If you do, One Awards has a unit that just might be what you are looking for.

Supporting Adult Learning is a Level 2, 6 credit unit that develop learners'  ability to support adult learning.The unit promotes understanding of the  barriers adult learners may face and the impact of inclusive learning  strategies. Additionally, the unit develops knowledge of how to capture and measure achievement.

To view the full details of the unit please click the link below:

Supporting Adult Learning - GB2/2/NE/001

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The One Awards Bespoke Accreditation service has a bank of over 400 units which enables you to package units together to create comprehensive and coherent programmes of learning specific to the needs of you and your learners.

You may decide that a combination of units is unnecessary for your purposes and that you need only one.No problem.There is no requirement to use more than one unit. You decide.

Don’t forget our Bespoke Accreditation Unit Writing Service.Our highly experienced unit writers can develop bespoke units to your specific requirements.If there are no suitable units available on our bank we can write them with you.

If you are interested in delivering these units or using any of our services, please contact a One Awards Development Manager for further help and advice.

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