Life Changing Learner under 24

12th June 2015 Date of publication

Life Changing Learner under 24
Joint Winner - Robyn Sterling
Nominator: Shirley Jones, Sunderland College

Robyn (pictured right) travelled to Sunderland College in the summer of 2013 to attend an interview for a place on the Access to Higher Education programme, and her life has changed since that date.

Upon being accepted onto the programme, Robyn made the decision to leave her home and family in Dover, in pursuit of her dream to train as a Children’s Nurse.

She began the course as a young woman living on her own in a strange city, but her friendly personality soon meant she became a very popular member of her cohort.

Having spent considerable time in hospital as a child, Robyn had been inspired by the staff that had cared for her to follow a career in the Nursing profession.

Whilst on the course, Robyn showed excellent self-reliance and determination. Her attendance and punctuality were exemplary. Her skills developed over the year, and she was motivated to work increasingly harder and smarter in order to achieve the grades required for her University course.

Robyn could often be seen in the Learning Centre outside her required hours of attendance, studying and researching in order to ensure her submitted work was at the highest possible standard she could achieve. She was rewarded for her efforts by gaining a place to study Children’s Nursing at the University of her choice.

Robyn was an extremely popular member of her group, who was able to work autonomously with little direction, but could also be a very supportive team member.

Robyn is currently part way through her first year of study on the Children’s Nursing degree, and is an excellent candidate for an award to celebrate the commitment and dedication she has shown to change her life through learning.

(pictured above Shirley Jones, tutor at Sunderland College receiving the award on Robyn's behalf from David Hall, One Awards and Belinda Kent, TSG)

Life Changing Learner under 24
Joint Winner - Jane Morton
Nominator: Andy Butcher, The Clock

Since Jane has started with her learning on the NOCN Level 1 Award in Skills for Employment, Training and Personal Development her attitude has really improved enormously. She is now a person who actually wants to come in to class and learn and really enjoy that learning. Jane realised that she did need to improve her approach and attitude to learning and that is exactly what she has done, with great success!

Even when Jane missed the occasional session she would go out of her way to come in to the place where The Clock is based and catch up on the work she’d missed. During the sessions Jane now remains focused on what needs to be completed and she takes a full and active part in our discussions and group work.

Also, on occasions Jane has offered support and guidance to others in the group who may have been falling behind. This action in itself has really proved to me that Jane has a commitment to not only her own learning but also to others in the group.

Jane has also stated that she will be coming to me when she finishes school for support and help in getting a place at college, she will also be completing her work experience at The Clock.

(pictured above Jane Morton receiving the award from Louise Morritt, David Hall, One Awards and Belinda Kent, TSG)

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