One Awards Curriculum Development Event

Session Content

The event will offer information on the range of quality assurance and accreditation services provided by One Awards, from bespoke accreditation to national qualifications and will cover:

  • The wide range of qualifications we offer on behalf of NOCN, a leading Awarding Organisation; In the list of SFA funded qualifications for 2015-16 NOCN has received funding for 124 qualifications for adults and 365 for young people - further details on which NOCN qualifications are funded can be the full list of funded NOCN qualifications can be found here.
  • The range of quality assurance and bespoke accreditation options available through One Awards;
  • Examples of how our accreditation is currently being used across a wide range of providers within Further Education, Local Authorities, Private Training Providers, Employers and Voluntary and Community organisations;
  • Ways in which we are developing accreditation to meet the challenges of the changing educational landscape;

The support we offer organisations in delivering and developing their accreditation


2 hours




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I have worked with other Awarding Bodies in the past but must say that I am really pleased with the service offered by One Awards and NOCN along with the support given as well, it makes me feel as if I could ask absolutely anything and they wouldn’t mind at all and would deal with it efficiently.

Julia Hamby
JM Training Services