One Awards Focus Groups

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As part of our goal to provide the highest levels of customer service, we would like engage with recognised centres at a series of upcoming focus groups. The purpose of these informal sessions will be to gain your feedback about how we can best develop our products and services.

The session will ask for your thoughts, opinions and feedback on areas such as qualifications, bespoke accreditation, funding, the One Awards website, and what we offer in terms of customer service.

The dates for the session are below, and are expected to last no more than two hours and we will be providing refreshments


2 hours

Upcoming Sessions

I have worked with other Awarding Bodies in the past but must say that I am really pleased with the service offered by One Awards and NOCN along with the support given as well, it makes me feel as if I could ask absolutely anything and they wouldn’t mind at all and would deal with it efficiently.

Julia Hamby
JM Training Services