Assessment and Internal Verification Practitioner Workshop - Session Outcome

23rd November 2015 Date of publication

An ‘Assessment and Internal Verification Practitioner Workshop’ was held on 23rd October 2015 at The Angelou Centre in Newcastle. The session covered the basics of assessment and internal verification practice.

The attendees considered the place of different assessment methods and concentrated on how to create assessment tasks which would meet those methods in order to achieve appropriate learner evidence. The issue of assessment of a change in learners’ attitudes or opinions was raised and further support requested.

The principles of internal verification along with different sampling strategies were reviewed and confirmed.Critical points from the session included the need for clear planning within quality assurance and also the role of the Internal Verifier in supporting Assessors throughout the process of a programme’s assessment which was included as a follow on action. All participants shared their examples of their assessment practice.

If you have any questions or would like any further information regarding this session please contact Sheila.smith@oneawards.org.uk.

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