Digital Skills - Be Part of the Digital World

6th April 2020 Date of publication

Technology has revolutionised the way we work, but more than half of UK employees (53%) do not have the digital skills needed for work. These skills can be anything from being able to avoid suspicious links and pop-ups to sharing documents by attaching to an email.

According to Microsoft, in the next two decades 90% of jobs will require some form of digital skills. By investing in the right digital skills training for employees now, they are more likely to outperform their peers – developing organisations’ competitive edge.

A digitally competent workforce can find new ways of working and embracing these changes will help build a highly satisfied workforce, keen to collaborate, communicate and be more efficient.

NOCN Group offer a variety of qualifications to help build a more productive and efficient workforce.  For more information on what we have to offer, please click the image below:

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