Do you know which NOCN qualifications are funded?-updated

28th April 2015 Date of publication

NOCN has over 400 qualifications - but do you know which ones are funded?

Not all of these qualifications are funded and some are only funded for some target groups or for learners of particular ages. It is a complicated landscape, so we are working on ways to simplify how we present our 'funded portfolio'.

Currently our customers have to jump through many hoops to find this information and none of these hoops are particularly easy or user-friendly.

So, to help you, please find below a link to the NOCN portfolios along with the updated SFA list which includes information on the funding rates and availability for 2015-2016:

Qualifications for Adults

Qualifications for Young People

We hope you find this is useful.  Feel free to come back to me with any suggestions on how to improve this, your ideas are always welcomed.

Please share this information with colleagues, and if you have any queries, or would like to find out more about individual qualifications, contact your One Awards Development Manager.

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