How to Facilitate your Centre’s Standardisation Process - Session Outcome

8th March 2016 Date of publication

A practitioner workshop entitled “How to facilitate your centre’s standardisation process” was held on 1st March 2016 at The Angelou Centre in Newcastle. The session covered the purpose and benefits of the standardisation process and considered the different ways standardisation may happen in individual centres to meet the centre recognition requirements. The session included an activity on planning a discrete standardisation activity and participants concentrated on the important factors to consider such as who should attend and who would facilitate the process, how often the sessions should happen taking into account the qualifications or units that they used and how to use actual assessed work including anonymising where necessary. Recording outcomes and creating appropriate feedback was also covered.

Critical points from the session included the need to plan these activities appropriately and the importance of reporting and saving evidence of the actual activities and outcomes which could be presented within the external verification process. The use of ground rules within the standardisation activities to ensure a more positive outcome was confirmed. It was agreed that the session would benefit from using actual assessed work and it was noted that examples templates will shortly be available on One Awards website. Participants shared examples of their own practice.

If you have any questions or would like any further information regarding this session please contact Sheila.smith@oneawards.org.uk.

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