Iraqi refugee achieves his University dream

21st March 2022 Date of publication

Aiman Aziz came to the UK in 2015 to flee war-torn Iraq.  Aiman says "Since coming to the UK, I always had the ambition to continue my studies and progress into higher education to get me into my dream career. A former access student who I met on social media recommended the course for me and explained the opportunities I can get upon completion of this course. I have also attended several universities’ open days and they all advised me to do the access course. Following my friend and the universities advice, I came to Middlesbrough College and I applied for the course.

Studying the Access course was very rewarding but challenging at the same time, I am an independent student who also had to work to live alongside my studies. However, being an organised person had helped me to plan my course work and fit it around my time. All tutors were very supportive and approachable throughout the course. The mixture of course works and assessments had helped me to build a better understanding of what to expect prior to commencing my degree. Whilst some aspects of the access course were very challenging, I was sort of prepared to what to expect as my friend had explained the workload and methods of assessments prior to start the course." 

Aiman achieved full distinctions on his Access to HE Diploma and is now studying for a Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) at University of Sunderland, he credits the Access to HE Diploma in enabling him to be prepared for university life "Having completed the Access to HE course, I now feel it was one of the best opportunities I have ever done since it helped me understand the education system better and succeed in university. I am currently a pharmacy student at the University of Sunderland and have done various placements in the community and hospital pharmacies. The Access to HE course has definitely built my confidence and made me more prepared to succeed at university."

To find out more about the Access to HE Diploma (Science) and other diplomas generally, please contact One Awards.

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