Joining forces to give credit where credits due

3rd December 2014 Date of publication


NOCN, the first awarding organisation to create and establish the credit based learning system in the UK, has signed a partnership agreement with ONE Awards, Agored Cymru and OCN Northern Ireland to ensure that ‘credit’ based learning and accreditation, with recognition of prior learning, remains part of the education and training system in the UK.

Many people find studying in ‘bite sized’ step-by-step chunks helps them to not only progress more quickly but also increases their confidence. And because they are gaining qualifications fit for today’s industry needs, they’re also increasing their employability and employment prospects. 

Employers benefit from this way of learning too. They get to help, support and upskill their workforce, which is especially vital in sectors where there are worrying skills gaps, such as construction, engineering, food production and IT. And as employees are only away from their jobs for short periods at a time, any disruption to the ‘day job’ is kept to a minimum.

Graham Hasting-Evans, Managing Director, NOCN said: “In an ever changing environment, learners, employees and employers tell us that flexibility and maintaining standards is important to them.”

Louise Morritt Chief Executive of One Awards stated `We now have a brilliant team living and working  in Scotland  providing the outstanding  customer service,  flexible product offer and the high level of support we have a reputation for in England. 

By joining together to support credit based learning, the four organisations, that cover the length and breadth of the UK, are showing their support to all learners from across society by offering a way of learning which allows them to progress in work and in life.”

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