NOCN's Qualification of the Month

24th February 2017 Date of publication

We have chosen the NOCN Level 2 Award for the Safe Worker as our ‘Qualification of the Month’ as a result of the positive feedback it is already receiving since its launch in September 2016. Here’s an overview….


The Safe Worker Qualification is suitable for people operating at ANY level, in ANY sector, who require an understanding of health and safety essentials.


Safe Worker is an online interactive NOCN Certified Ofqual Approved Health and Safety Qualification accessed at http://www.mynocn.com/ that can be completed in 10 hours transforming the way that health and safety is delivered to learners. The quick and easy online process covers twenty essential safety topics, interactive 360-degree risk assessment tools, online testing and assessment, leading to an instant electronic certification for an NOCN Level 2 Award for the Safe Worker


Learning outcomes include awareness of significant health and safety risks in the working environment and the ability to identify and deal with them appropriately. Course content is focussed on the health and safety rights and responsibilities of people in a workplace and the knowledge required to ensure that:

  • Workers actions or omissions do not create health and safety hazards
  • Workers identify significant risks in the workplace
  • Take sensible action to put things right, including: seeking advice and reporting situations which pose a danger to themselves and others in the workplace.

Click here for further details and full course content.

For more information please contact us on 0191 518 6550 or email BD@oneawards.org.uk

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