Planning for the Summer period?

24th February 2017 Date of publication

We’ve a good range of qualifications with lower GLH which may suit your requirements.

Here at One Awards we’ve been casting our minds forward to the warmer months and in particular, progression initiatives, planning for Summer Schools and enrolment for the coming academic year.

As we move into the Spring term and beyond, learning activities often become more diverse, with Transition Weeks, Progression Academies, English and Maths Boosters, Pre-enrolment Tasters, Enterprise Academies, Sector Routeways and Summer Schools appearing on the time table.

Delivery of shorter qualifications and single units in the run up to the summer months not only helps to engage and retain students for enrolment in September but also allows colleges and learning providers to maximise their funding, particularly ASB and ESIF allocation, in a period of tight spending.

Funded Adult Qualifications with lower GLH

A Flexible Approach

One Awards offer of a wide range of NOCN qualifications and units, many with low GLH.

Many NOCN qualifications and units are portfolio based and can be assessed without prescribed external assessments. Delivery and assessment can therefore be individualized.

Examples of qualifications fully funded by the SFA through ASB you may wish to re-visit, or examine for the first time:

Helping you to plan the way forward

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