Planning to Ensure Assessments are Effective - Session Outcome

23rd October 2015 Date of publication

A practitioner workshop entitled ‘Planning to Ensure Assessments are Effective’ was held on 21st October 2015 at One Awards office in Peterlee. The session covered the importance of good, effective assessment planning.

The attendees concentrated on how to ensure that assessments were planned to meet the requirements of the qualification and to take into account the needs of an organisation’s learners. Critical points from the session included the need to set clear assessment tasks which would provide valid learner evidence and how the overall assessment plan might need to be flexible depending on individual learners’ needs whilst making sure that there was fair assessment.

The role of holistic assessment as opposed to assessing separate assessment criteria was also discussed. Observation as an assessment method was discussed from a practical viewpoint and it was agreed that ensuring that all learners, regardless of their level of study, needed to be clear from the beginning what they had to do when being observed.Participants shared their examples of tutor observation record sheets.

If you have any questions or would like any further information regarding this session please contact Sheila.smith@oneawards.org.uk.

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