QCF Units confirmed for funding 2014-2015

3rd October 2014 Date of publication

We’ve been getting a lot of queries from our member organisations which draw funding through the SFA regarding the funding and use of single funded units.To support you we have created a separate spreadsheet and we will update this regularly as additional units are identified.

Learners who may benefit from the delivery of single units include:

  • Unemployed people who need short programmes to support them back to work.
  • Older workers who have been doing their jobs for a number of years and the skill needs are changing.
  • Learners who aspire to do a full qualification but need to boost their confidence before committing to the full qualification.

Additional approval to deliver single funded units is not always necessary, as units may be part of qualifications you already have approval for. Your Development Manager will be happy to check and advise.

Please click here to access the spread sheet.

Please share this information with colleagues, and if you have any queries, or would like to find out more about individual qualifications

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