Session Outcome - Reviewing Assessment and Internal Verification Practice

27th May 2016 Date of publication

An assessment and internal verification workshop was held on 26th May at Children North East in Newcastle.

The session, which was requested by the centre as an opportunity to review their practice and identify areas for clarification or improvement, covered the principles of assessment and internal verification. The participants analysed the assessment process and highlighted the range of skills required by anyone undertaking the assessor role. What is required for both assessment tasks and the individual learner work at different levels was also discussed. The session supported the centre in confirming their current good practice whilst offering opportunity to identify possible developments for internal practice. Critical points from the session included recognition of the skills required by assessors, a shared understanding of the assessment terminology and also the nature of the feedback from the IV to assessors.

If you have any questions or would like any further information regarding this or similar sessions please contact Sheila.smith@oneawards.org.uk.

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