Unit of the Month - Developing Mentoring Skills

4th April 2022 Date of publication

The Power of Mentoring

Mentoring provides meaningful connections that impact the people involved and influence their lives at home, at work, and in their communities. For those who are being mentored, it is linked to improved academic, social and economic prospects. For those who are mentoring, the relationship can build leadership and management skills, expand a mentor’s professional network, and provide an empowering opportunity to give back to the community.

Our unit of the month aims to enable those looking to become a Mentor to develop the skills required to undertake the role.

Developing Mentoring Skills Level 1 Unit

Two clear examples of how our Members use and apply this accreditation to meet needs of businesses, organisations and their service users can be found below:

Freight Rail Driver Mentoring – delivered by Julia Hamby at JM Training Services

A freight railway company requires all their trainee drivers who have gone through the training school, passed the Network Rail rulebook exam and then had locomotion training then have to be mentored into driving and have to have 250 mentored hours. They are mentored by a qualified driver who has been qualified for at least 3 years. He will give more instruction to start with and then move into more of a mentoring/support role.

Julia Hamby from JM Training says “I can tailor the delivery to suit the company that I am familiar with and the way they work. As part of the day they do a back to back exercise which acts as the evidence for taking part in a communication activity. There is other evidence to meet the criteria along with a written assignment to meet the knowledge criteria. During the pandemic I have been able to adapt my delivery to online session but looking forward to resuming face to face sessions in Crewe in the near future”

Children North-East

Peer Mentoring is a vital part of the services offered to support Children and Young People in the North East, the service relies on volunteers who complete this unit along with others in Volunteering and Emotional wellbeing as part of their training.  Once the training is complete they will be matched up with a young person to support and mentor in a wide variety of issues including: family communication, confidence and self-esteem, bullying, issues at school/college and mental health issues. Many of the Peer Mentors have received help from the service previously.

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