What Access students can expect from our annual #AccesstoHE Admissions Fair

17th October 2018 Date of publication

At our upcoming #AccesstoHE Admissions Fair on Friday 19th October, we’ll be running a number of workshops throughout the day to help Access students make decisions about their future. The workshops will be focused on topics from student finance to writing the perfect personal statement and others offering information on courses like Psychology and Health and Social Care. Alongside the workshop schedule, we have over 25 higher education providers exhibiting with representatives available to answer questions and meet with students who are interested in courses they offer.

The fair will provide Access students with a rare opportunity to meet with higher education providers and employers to ask specific questions about opportunities available and progression routes after graduation.

Samantha Tate, Senior Lecturer in Secondary Mathematics at University of Sunderland’s School of Education, is running a workshop on the undergraduate education degrees. In her workshop, she’ll concentrate on the courses at the University of Sunderland along with how they are structured to give students an insight into what they could expect.

Samantha continues “We see many Access students progress onto degree courses here at the University of Sunderland and it always amazes me how prepared the students are for their next step in education. Particularly with the Physics with maths degree, Access students have already covered some of the material which gives them a fantastic foundation to start the course and confidence in their further studies.

In my workshop at the One Awards Access to HE Admission Fair, I’ll be concentrating on our undergraduate education degrees courses, which are about much more than teaching. There are so many situations in our society which are influenced, inspired and transformed by education so anyone connected to it has such an important job, I’ll be discussing all aspects of the course from the interview process to what students can expect to learn from the start and where it could take them in the future.”

Anna Burchfiel, Mature Student Undergraduate Recruitment Officer at the University of Bristol, will be running a workshop at our Admissions Fair on their unique offer for mature and Access to HE students.

“We’re proud to accept Access to HE diplomas on all of our undergraduate degrees and really value the unique experience Access courses provide students with in preparation for further education. Not only are they a fantastic way to engage learners of all ages, but they also provide students with the foundation they’d need to further their education so they can join communities like ours at the University of Bristol. The independent study skills that Access students have can be utilised in their undergraduate degree course, it’s a fantastic quality that can be drawn upon to assist them in their next step and give them an advance on a course that is new to everyone.

We get students from 17 years old up to 70, with mature students making up roughly 5% of our undergraduate population, so we’re keen to provide support to ensure all students enjoy their time with us; from our Students’ Union to socialising opportunities across facilities and courses for mature students to meet and share experiences. We love receiving applications from Access students because no two journeys are ever the same!”

If you’d like to attend the FREE #AccesstoHE Admissions Fair on Friday 19th October, please register your place here and find more information on the workshop schedule - https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/higher-education-admissions-fair-for-access-to-he-students-tickets-47294838134

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