NOCN Qualification Bulletins

Here you will find Bulletins from 2018 and 2017, providing information on NOCN qualifications which are new, have been amended or extended, or are being withdrawn.


06.12.18 - B18-20 Construction withdrawal bulletin.pdf

06.12.18 - B18-19 Construction amendments bulletin.pdf

27.11.18 - B18-18 NOCN L5 Leadership and Management Qualification- new qual.pdf

31.07.18 - B18-16 NOCN Suite of Construction qualifications - withdrawals.pdf

31.07.18 - B18-15 NOCN Suite of NVQ Construction qualifications - withdrawals.pdf

31.07.18 - B18-14 NOCN Suite of Health and Social Care Qualifications.pdf

17.07.18 - B18-13 NOCN Heritage Skills Qualifications.pdf

03.07.18 - B18-12 OCN NI Level 2 Award in Digital Marketing.pdf

21.06.18 - B18-11 NOCN L4 Certificate in Productivity Improvement Practice- new qual.pdf

21.06.18 - B18-10 NOCN L1 Awd in Skills to Support Changes in Behaviour- new qual.pdf

21.06.18 - B18-09 NOCN L2 Awd in Computerised Financial Skills- new qual.pdf

02.05.18 - B18-08 NOCN L1 Awd in Forest School Ethos and Principles- new qual.pdf

14.03.18 - B18-07 NOCN Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care (Adults) for England-amendment.pdf

14.03.18 - B18-06 OCNNI Level 2 Award in Digital Marketing-amendment.pdf

08.03.18 - B18-05 NOCN International Volunteering- new quals.pdf

02.03.18 - B18-4 NOCN Suite of Forest School qualifications - withdrawal.pdf

02.03.18 - B18-03 NOCN Forest School- new quals.pdf

29.01.18 - B18 - 02 OCNNI Level 3 Award in Photography - new qual.pdf

08.01.18 - B18 - 01 NOCN Level 3 Award in Productivity Improvement Practice - new qual.pdf


B17-33 NOCN L3 Award in First Aid at Work.pdf

B17-28 NOCN L1 Award in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment.pdf

B17-27 NOCN L2 Cert in Principles of Providing Security Services.pdf

B17-26 NOCN Youth Work - Extensions and TQT.pdf

B17-25 NOCN Level 3 First Aid Qualifications - Replacement Qualifications (2).pdf

B17-24 NOCN Youth Work - amendment .pdf

B17-23 NOCN ESOL International-amendment.pdf

B17-21 NOCN Construction Qualifications-amendment.pdf

B17-19 NOCN withdrawal of qualifications.pdf

B17-18 NOCN Suite of Supporting Early Learning at Home - amendment.pdf

B17-17 NOCN withdrawal of qualifications.pdf

B17-16 NOCN Functional Skills Extensions.pdf

B17-15 NOCN various qualifications - withdrawals.pdf

B17- 14 NOCN various qualifications - withdrawal.pdf

B17-13 NOCN TUC qualifications - extensions and TQT.pdf

B17-12 NOCN Qualifications Extensions Sectors 13 and 14.pdf

B17-11 NOCN Qualifications Extensions.pdf

B17-10 NOCN L2 Cert in Techniques for Lean Organisation Management - new qual.pdf

B17- 09 NOCN L2 Dip for Proficiency in Fish and Shellfish Industry Skills - withdrawal.pdf

B17-08 NOCN L2 Awd in Emergency First Aid at Work - qualification amendment.pdf

B17-07 NOCN various qualifications - qualification amendment.pdf

B17-06 NOCN L3 Delivery of Conflict Management Training - QS amendment.pdf

B17-05 ALL NVQ Construction Qualifications - QS amendment.pdf

B17-04 NOCN Spectator Safety Qualifications Reinstated.pdf

B17-03 ESOL QS Amendment.pdf

B17-02 NOCN Level 2 Diploma in Retail Skills - Reinstatement.pdf

B17-01 NOCN L2 NVQ Dip in Trowel Occs QS Amendment.pdf

B16-33 NOCN Level 3 Diploma in Bricklaying.pdf

B16-32 NOCN Level 6 NVQ Dip in Construction Site Management.pdf

B16-31 NOCN Level 2 NVQ Cert in Plant Ops.pdf


I felt that I was supported brilliantly and challenged when needed with great development ideas. Every single member of staff I have had contact with has been rather lovely.

Alison Fish
Northern Rights CIC