Apprenticeship End Point Assessments

NOCN is at the forefront of the apprenticeship reforms, working in partnership with employers, FE colleges, training providers and skills experts in Trailblazer groups to develop a range of standards and assessments for new apprenticeships.

NOCN 'Apprentice Assessment' Flyer

Apprentice Assessment Organisation

Once a new apprenticeship standard is approved by the Government, an apprentice assessment organisation (AAO) is appointed to carry out the end point assessment (EPA). For an organisation to become an AAO, it must meet high standards of quality and competence. Employers must choose their AAO at the start of their apprenticeship programme.

NOCN EPA - End Point Assessment

Independent End Point Assessment (EPA) from NOCN ensures that all apprentices have the Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours detailed in the apprenticeship standard. NOCN is a leading Government approved, independent Apprentice Assessment Organisation (AAO), working with employers to ensure high quality, valid and robust EPA.

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NOCN has more assessments plans in process and our approach to assessment can be applied to all apprenticeship standards with specific adaptations where necessary to meet the requirements of each job role.

Assessment plans vary according to the requirements of each new standard. Here is an example from the Property Maintenance Operative Apprenticeship:

  • The apprenticeship will vary in duration, from 12 to 24 months, possibly longer.
  • The formative assessment will be supervised and delivered by the registered training provider and employer. Once the apprentice is judged to be ready they will be put forward for their EPA - a point known as their assessment gateway.
  • The EPA will be provided by NOCN as the AAO and will vary as indicated depending on the nature of the job.

Additional Assessment Services

  • Assessment centres
  • Workplace testing
  • Online resources
  • Formative assessments where requested
  • Vocational qualifications if specified or requested by employer
  • Functional Skills - English and Maths
  • Consultancy advice and support

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I have worked with other Awarding Bodies in the past but must say that I am really pleased with the service offered by One Awards and NOCN along with the support given as well, it makes me feel as if I could ask absolutely anything and they wouldn’t mind at all and would deal with it efficiently.

Julia Hamby
JM Training Services