One Awards Quality Mark – An Independent Mark of Quality

With over 25 years’ experience of providing an educational quality assurance service, we know a thing or two about the policies, procedures and practices that underpin the delivery of high quality training. Consequently, we have developed our Quality Mark to enable employers and training organisations to have the high quality of their individual, customised training activities endorsed by One Awards (part of the NOCN Group).

We work with over 200 employers, education and training organisations each year and our regulator reports and customer service surveys consistently show that we are a respected organisation with a proven track record in providing a responsive and trusted quality assurance and accreditation service.

How the One Awards Quality Mark will benefit your organisation.

The One Awards Quality Mark is our indicator of trust in the quality of your training provision. Not only does it endorse the worth and quality of your training but also, your trainees can receive a certificate confirming their participation in the training activity. Specific benefits to organisations include:

  • For your customers and clients, Quality Mark provides an outward facing endorsement of the quality of training you offer;
  • Participants of your services will receive formal, certificated recognition;
  • The status of your training provision will be enhanced by introducing continued quality improvement support;
  • The content, management and delivery of your training will be regularly reviewed enabling continuous development and improvement;
  • You will be able to use the One Awards Quality Mark logo ‘Endorsing Quality Training’ on your promotional materials, training resources and website;
  • You will be eligible to become a member of One Awards and as such may attend specific CPD sessions and contribute to the governance and strategic direction of our organisation.

The One Awards Quality Mark provides your organisation with our external endorsement for the quality of your customised training activities.

A ‘quality marked’ training activity meets a set of defined quality-related criteria, including the following:

  • there is a clear, documented explanation of the training activity and its value to participants
  • it is well-planned, well-resourced and delivered effectively
  • it is evaluated and continuously improved

Any training activity of any length can be quality marked, from short induction sessions for new staff to full programmes delivered over a number of sessions.

What types of training activities lend themselves to endorsement through One Awards Quality Mark?

The One Awards Quality Mark provides a highly flexible approach to a broad spectrum of training initiatives. Our Quality Mark can endorse almost any type of training and examples of current training activities include:

  • Induction programmes – from short, individual sessions to extensive programmes;
  • A wide range of Continuous Professional Development (CPD);
  • Generic training activities such as health, safety and wellbeing, volunteering and practical skills development;
  • Specialist training activities, some examples include: financial management, educational support, bio-energy healing, practical brewing and integrative counselling.

Please view the case studies page for more examples of how the Quality Mark is being used.