Approval Process

How do I apply for the One Awards Quality Mark?

A Quality mark application form is available on the One Awards website.This should be completed and submitted to approvals@oneawards.org.uk or Helen Smith, Marketing and Business Development Officer, One Awards, 1 Palmer Road, South West Industrial Estate, Peterlee, Co Durham SR8 2HU. Please read the application form carefully and take note of the set of criteria which are outlined at the end of the form.If you require any support with completing this form please contact the One Awards office on 01915186550

How will I be approved for the Quality Mark?

When your application form has been received and checked by One Awards a Quality Reviewer will arrange to visit your organisation. The Quality Reviewer will contact you to agree a suitable date and time to meet.The visit will take 1 – 2 hours depending on your proposed training activities and any questions you may have. The Quality Reviewer will discuss your application with you and check the information that you have provided against the set of criteria on the application form.

What will the Quality Reviewer wish to see at the visit and what if I have any questions?

The Quality Reviewer will want to talk to you about your organisation and the purpose and aims of your training activity. They will wish to view all the training materials and supporting documentation that you plan to use during your training activity and also will check your understanding of the policies and processes you are required to have in place.

You can use this visit to ask any questions you have about your Quality Mark approval. Alternatively you can ring the One Awards office.

If the Quality Reviewer feels that there are any gaps in what you have planned or within the management of your training activity then you may be required to make some amendments or additions to what you do before final approval can be given. Any actions which you need to complete will be discussed with you at the visit and then will be detailed in an Action Plan with suggested timescales which will be provided for you.Should you require it, support will be available to assist you in the completion of these actions.

Will I need to do anything after the visit and when will I know that my application has been successful and I can start to use the Quality Mark?

When One Awards is confident that approval can be confirmed you will be sent a copy of the One Awards Quality Mark Agreement which an appropriate individual within your Centre will be required to sign and return. This agreement sets out the terms and conditions for approval and the obligations of your centre. Once this signed agreement and the relevant fee has been received by One Awards you will receive formal Quality Mark approval. You will then be able to use the Quality Mark for the approved training activities.

What other guidance will I receive as part of my approval?

You will be supplied with Guidance for Approved One Awards Quality Mark Organisations which will include the branding and logo guidance.

Once you have gained your approval you will be able to use the One Awards Quality Mark logo on your training resources and on your website.

What do I need to know about One Awards Quality Mark participant certificates and what are the costs?

As part of the One Awards Quality Mark approval you can request certificates for each participant that undertakes your approved training activity.There is a cost of £5 per certificate.

As part of the approval process you will be asked to confirm the title of your training activity and the wording, which will be used on the certificates you wish to claim. An example certificate template is available for you to see.

How do I claim my certificates?

You claim for your certificates through our on line database. Following approval you will receive guidance on the process you need to follow to claim your certificates.Ongoing support is provided for you from our Centre Support Team.

How long will it take to receive certificates?

Our service standard for supplying certificates is five working days from receipt of participant details.

Can I print my own certificates using the One Awards Quality Mark logo?

No you are not able to use the One Awards logo on certificates that you print yourself

What guidance will I receive about how to use the One Awards Quality Mark logo?

You will receive the guidance once your Quality Mark approval has been completed.The Quality Reviewer will check your resources and website as part of the Quality review process and you may be asked to amend any wording if what you have written does not meet the requirements.

How many visits will I receive from One Awards?

You are entitled to an annual visit from the Quality Reviewer as part of the One Awards Quality Mark approval which the Quality Reviewer will arrange with you.

What feedback and support will I receive?

The Quality Reviewer will offer any support that you may need at the annual review visit. You will also receive a Quality Mark monitoring report following the visit.

Will I be able to add additional training activities to my One Awards Quality Mark approval?

Yes you can apply to add any training activities by completing and submitting the Quality Mark Application for Additional Training Activity application form.This is available on the One Awards website or by contacting the One Awards office.

Following receipt of your application form, this will be reviewed by our Quality Team prior to you receiving formal notification of approval.If there are any queries then a member of One Awards staff will contact you.

What do I do if I am not happy with the actions that the Quality Reviewer has given me or any stages of the Quality Mark approval process?

Our Complaints Policy is available on our website however we aim to resolve any issues quickly and informally therefore please contact Dawn Rush, Head of Corporate and Financial Services should you have any concerns.