Case Studies

The Bi-Aura Foundation

The Bi-Aura Foundation are based in Northumberland but operate across the United Kingdom offering the Bio Energy Level 3 Certificate in Bio-Energy Therapy Bi-Aura therapy is an advanced system of bio-energy healing which works through balancing the human bio-field.

The Bi-Aura Foundation is a well organised company with high standards of delivery and assessment and delivering high quality training in Bio-Energy Therapy. Tutors are well qualified and experienced in delivering training sessions. Resources are well designed and informative to support the intensive training courses. Resources, teaching and engagement with participants are all carefully monitored to ensure that standards remain high. Centrally located and prestigious venues have good access for learners, whose high satisfaction and complimentary written feedback after completion of the courses showed how much they have benefited from the specialist training.'

Brewlab - A quality brewing experience 

Brewlab, an internationally recognised provider of brewing industry services uses the Quality Mark from One Awards for their Certificate and Diploma in British Brewing Technology courses.

The Quality Mark endorses the high standard of teaching materials, course objectives, policies and procedures, backed by annual independent assessment.

Students travel from a diverse range of countries including many emerging craft beer markets to attend the 9-week Diploma or 3-week Certificate course. The content includes: theory of brewing, introduction to business, microbiology and practical brewing skills. Successful trainees will have gained the skills and knowledge to either establish a micro-brewery or become a professional brewer.

Since achieving the Quality Mark for this training programme more than 150 students have received a certificate for these courses.

Arthur Bryant, course leader at Brewlab said “having the Quality Mark has greatly improved our student feedback and continuous improvement systems.”