Stand 2 (Specialist Training and Development) Ltd

Stand2 (Specialist Training & Development) Ltd provide personal safety, conflict management and physical intervention skills training to NHS Trusts, Universities, public and private organisations throughout the UK and internationally. 

The training is based around the C.A.R.E. (Countering Aggression and Response to Emergencies) system™ and encompasses related subjects across a wide range of industry sectors to teach individuals to apply a logical and systematic approach to the management of conflict, aggression, and violence.

The C.A.R.E. training has been shown to improve performance, increase confidence and reduce risk, the course allows individuals to adapt the principles and strategies of managing conflict to their own work environment. For example, the National Health Service, which helps to enhance fundamental standards of care:

  • Patient Safety
  • Patient Experience
  • Staff confidence and resilience
  • Staff potential

All the training is mapped to all relevant industry standards and can be adapted to both the level of threat and the level of protection afforded to staff in their particular organisation.

As well as the training being endorsed by One Awards it is also independently evaluated by Institute of Work, Health and Organisations, University of Nottingham, the SIA Security Industry, Health and Social Care Regulatory Bodies.

Stand2 also deliver a C.A.R.E. Train the Trainers programme designed and developed for in house trainers, to give them the ability to deliver an operationally proven conflict management training programme to their own staff.

Gerard Ellis, Director at Stand 2 (Specialist Training and Development) Ltd said “Our training follows a logical 6 step process which is applicable across all sectors. Built around that process is a system which is unique and taught using theoretical models and practical drills which have been developed and designed by Stand2 to enable students to learn the skills quickly and subsequently apply them under pressure, in a real-life situation. Working with One Awards helps us to maintain and improve our consistently high standards in addition to our own audits and quality assurance processes.”

Stand2 (Specialist Training and Development) Ltd have the following training activities endorsed by One Awards Quality Mark:

  • (C.A.R.E.) Conflict Management and Physical Intervention
  • (C.A.R.E.) Counter Aggression & Response to Emergencies System – Conflict Management and Personal Safety Trainers Course
  • (C.A.R.E.) [One day] Personal Safety and Conflict Management
  • Mental Health (FPOS)
  • Dealing with Protest

To find out more about the training courses available through Stand2 please visit www.stand2.com